April 22, 2024

  • 10 MIN READ

The importance of behavioural competence in a modern workplace

Marko Albrecht

The importance of behavioural competence in a modern working world. Marko Albrecht's guest today: Sigrid Turba, graduate psychologist and managing partner of CNT Gesellschaft in Hamburg (link to company website). Sigrid works as a work organisation psychologist, in human resources corporate development, and, as such, has become acquainted with personnel tests in practice. Today, she provides companies with sound, easy-to-use personality tests, e.g. the CAPTain Test ® (link for more information).

Companies today have to deal with behavioural competence

Sigrid is very clear in her statement that companies today have no choice but to deal with the issue of behavioural competence. But she also makes it clear that it can only work if the employees also participate.

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