June 14, 2024

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Goodbye crystal ball, hello data-driven intelligence!

Muammer Yüksel

83 million jobs to be lost in the next five years

According to the World Economic Forum's Future Jobs Report 2023 (link to study), we are facing a significant shift in the labor market: 83 million jobs will be lost over the next five years, while 69 million new jobs will be created. Of the remaining jobs, 23% are expected to change dramatically. These numbers underscore the importance and complexity. It will not be enough to simply react to change; it will need to be actively prepared for and strategically planned for. The challenge is not just to keep pace, but to proactively shape the transformation.

Accurate benchmark data instead of a crystal ball, but how?

What can we do to get the most realistic picture of the future? Just as artificial intelligence (AI) is co-creating this great transformation, we can also use it to prepare the solutions. Information-driven decision making plays a key role, supported by technologies such as Big Data and AI that provide access to accurate benchmark data. With the help of Decision Intelligence*, they provide a solid foundation for your forward-looking decisions. Ditch the crystal ball and rely on information.

Consider the following questions: How many of these changes will affect you, your business, and your industry? Are you prepared for them? How many positions in your organization will be affected by these changes? I look forward to sharing. Your Mumi.

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