April 23, 2024

The Skill-based Organization

Marko Albrecht

Christoph Hieber (LinkedIn-Profile) is today's guest on this episode of the Enable Excellence podcast. Christoph is the Director of the Human Capital division at Deloitte Consulting. He assists clients in the realm of workforce transformation, with a special focus on topics such as skills, talent, and learning intelligence. This encompasses workforce analytics, workforce transformation, and the future of work. It involves strategic alignment and consultancy, as well as translating new technologies and landscapes into future models, such as Learning and Development (LND), Talent, and Skills Management in companies. With great enthusiasm, him and Marko discuss this highly intriguing topic, one that has gained momentum in recent years, particularly with the increasing presence of AI and artificial intelligence in this context. Skills-based learning and skills-based use cases are finding applications in the realm of employee development and strategic workforce planning.

AI or Artificial Intelligence Influences Workforce Transformation

Together, Christoph and Marko identify two crucial questions that companies should address in this context. First, there is the question of the skills and competencies required for new businesses or business models within the transformation. Both emphasize the importance of developing a data model that constantly and automatically updates itself.

Two Questions Every Organization Should Address

This data model should encompass both the workplace and individual employees. Subsequently, the focus shifts to the topic of data-driven decision-making for workforce planning. How should employees be developed within the company? How can the acquired data be used? It's crucial to develop a common language through ontologies.

A Foundation of Trust is Necessary

Thanks to his work with clients, Christoph can also share his experiences in implementing the skill-based organization. He emphasizes the importance of involving social partners and employees in the planning process from an early stage. Being transparent about what happens with the collected data and analyses and how they are used is essential. Building a foundation of trust is necessary to collectively address the significant cultural challenges in the best interest of all stakeholders.

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